LP/45/Cassette to CD

Many of us have some of our favorite albums or cassettes that we have held onto for special memories. Some we have held onto because of they are rare and cannot be found digitally today. Why not let us covert them to CD for you?

We can take your old cassette recording or LPs, clean them up digitally, enhance the sound and place them onto a CD for you. This way you will always have that musical memory on CD! And most importantly, why not use a company that thousands of customers have come to know and trust?

Our rates are affordable (imagine that). To covert an LP to CD we charge $12. That is NOT the price PER side, that is the price for the entire album (two sides)! We NEVER charge you extra to clean up the audio (that is automatic)! Album is broken down by track on the CD. We print a label right onto your CD (not a paper label). Note that if your Music is over 80 minutes, we will make a second CD and put the CD in a double CD Case. The price to convert a cassette tape is $10 per tape. Additional copies of the CD are $3.00. Bulk discounts are available.

Remember at PhotoMemoryDVDs.com there is NEVER any hidden charges...ever! That is not how we do business nor how you probably wish to do business as well.


Plenty of thought and consideration went into the pricing structure for this service. We are trying hard to offer you quality service at the most affordable prices:

Each LP (2 Sides) - $15.

Each Cassette Tape (2 Sides) - $10

Each 45 rpm - $2

Be sure to include an order form with your submission as well as a check or money order for the total cost. Personal checks will be held for 5 business days until check clears before shipment of your package.

Did you know...Records scratch and break very easily. Cassette tape gets brittle and breaks and snaps easily. Your best bet is to place them on CDs.

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